Stats and Figures About YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a phenomenon in many ways. It should, after all, still be a fledgling company, considering it barely has 6 years under its belt. Most businesses are just beginning to show a profit at the 5 year mark, and yet, YouTube, at the ripe old age of 13 months, was sold to Google for $1.65 BILLION!

Exponential Growth

Since the three developers of YouTube posted their first video in April of 2005, the site has gone from a place where people can store and show their home movies, to a multi-million dollar marketing juggernaut.

These days, YouTube is said to have over 2 BILLION views each day. Nearly 40 hours of videos are uploaded to the site every minute. This, alone, is enough to make merchants seek ways to make their own videos stand out as they try to monetize their YouTube channels.

To put all of this into perspective, think about all of the television you have watched your entire life. Now, think about all of the TV you haven’t watched. Now, assuming you’re about 30 years old, and you started watching TV in the hospital when you were born, and assuming you could keep track of all the TV shows that you didn’t watch, that’s the amount of video that has been loaded onto YouTube. In the last MONTH.

Who Watches?

YouTube is in 25 countries, and is accessible in 43 different languages. Almost 70% of the traffic comes from outside the United States. In addition, it may help to know that the viewer demographic is ages 18-54. That can be quite surprising. As a business owner, you may be surprised to discover that such a large market of legal adults could be available to your product. Boost youtube views why merchants are pursuing this venue with such determination. You can reach an incredibly huge market through YouTube, and access is totally free.


When you upload a video to YouTube, it will be scanned for copyright infringement. YouTube’s spiders cover 100 years of video, written material, and music every day – for every video. Yes, it’s an automated system, and yes, your video with the Lady GaGa song on it may still be up, but when YouTube finds it, they’ll pull it.

Favorites and Socializing

Even more amazing is the fact that fully ½ of all of the videos have been commented on! If you’ve posted videos for your business, and received no comments or ratings, look into ways to improve your videos or your channel. There is a lot of good advice available that doesn’t involve spending money on programs that artificially boost your views (in fact Tube ToolBox can aid in getting you ahead of the comp. with YouTube). You can dress up your channel, use keywords properly, and hit your niche markets more effectively to boost your views. Using social networking will also help, because millions of people access their YouTube views through their social network sites.

Just 3 years ago, there were rumors that YouTube was on the rocks financially. But the monetization of YouTube has saved it, and may save your business, too.