Keep Your Car Looking Like New

Hand wash or machine wash? Use the garden hose and some soap in your driveway or pay for a hand wash at the local car wash? Which is better in helping maintain the finish of your automobile?

In tough economic times people cut back on things they consider to not be essential. Those expenses that we consider splurging. Think about cayenne car covers , though. Saving money on the care and maintenance of your car could be doing harm that will cost you more in the end. So you have decided to cut out that weekly visit to the car wash. For a fraction of the cost, you can wash your car yourself in your driveway with the same results.

So you head to the local automotive parts store and purchase the best equipment for the job. Or perhaps you already have the cloths, sponges, a bucket, some soap and a hose at home. It can’t be that difficult, can it? After all you are saving money.

Well did you know that in the long run you may be doing more harm to that factory finish than you realize? Even with good care and thorough cleaning, those sponges and towels that you use can eventually get contaminated with dirt and particles. These will scratch the paint and the clear coat, causing your car to be less shiny and allowing water and dirt in. You may not be able to remove all of the detergent that you’re using with your garden hose, because it’s not powerful enough. Soap reside that stays on your car can get baked into the finish.

The Technological Institute of Munich in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz conducted a study to compare methods of washing cars. The results indicated that the best way to protect the luster and shine of your can’s factory finish is to take it to the local car wash. The test used two identical sedans and these sedans were covered with a variety of road grime and dirt. Then they asked regular people to clean the cars. These participants didn’t know what the purpose of the study was. They were asked to clean the cars in whatever way they normally would clean a car.

Electron microscopes were used to determine the thickness of the factory finishes and after the washings noticeable scratches were visible on the surface, some of them went as deep as 10% into the finish. These scratches were attributed to the dirt and particles trapped in the rags and sponges that were used by those doing the cleaning.

The cars were then taken to commercial car washes and run through the system. There were no appreciable scratches or degradation of the paints surface.

Keep your car looking new by taking care of the exterior surface. As a final caveat, note that some commercial car washes are hand washes and they may use dirty, grimy rags and sponges that will damage your car. Some of the automatic car washes use plastic brushes that can also damage the paint. Look for an automatic car wash that uses sponge brushes, as they are softer or better still a touch-less car wash that uses high pressure water instead of brushes.

Remember though that no matter how you wash your car, each wash will remove a certain amount of wax, so the more you wash the more wax is removed and this must be replaced in order to further protect and prevent further damage and keep you car looking new. You may save money by washing yourself but protecting your cars finish can help you obtain more money when and if you sell or trade in your vehicle.


A Photo Can Mean Successful Online Dating

Online dating, despite the vast numbers of online dating site users, is relatively new for many people. To bare your soul online is quite scary for most men and women. Posting a photo can be a nerve-wracking experience altogether. This is because many singletons think that only the movie star look-alikes will win hearts. It goes without saying that people are sometimes tempted to post photos that are either seductive, photos that belong to a handsome bloke, or simply not post a photo at all. Doing so however can result in more harm than good. Why?

1. For one thing, you seem as though you’re not being truthful from the start. You’ve probably thought about the same thing upon seeing other people’s photos (or lack thereof). It gives the impression that you could be hiding something. You may even be accused of being a convicted felon who doesn’t want the police to see him on UK’s Most Wanted.

2. Posting a photo enables you to give your potential date the whole package, in a manner of speaking. Online dating is essentially letting other people know who you are via an online dating website. This means writing a profile that presents you in an interesting yet truthful manner. The lack of a proper photo sort of leaves this introduction hanging. While there are people who may like a bit of mystery, not many people are particularly fond of this. This is especially true if you’re searching for your lifetime partner. You would naturally want to know as much about the person as possible in order to make an educated decision.

3. It shows how confident you are about yourself. So you think that you’re the ugliest person in the world. It doesn’t matter. Other people still want to see what you look like. Moreover, showing your true self via your photos alongside your profile boosts your chances of finding a person who is equally truthful. Decent people want to see the real you – confidence shining through. They know that flaws are a part of the package. If they are really attracted to you, flaws will not matter at all.

So take the time to post a set of recent and decent photos the next time you go online dating. Doing so will count – snapchat usernames when you meet your dream date face-to-face later on. Smile!


How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Wedding Photographer?

The cost of a wedding ceremony can be quite high. A couple will need to purchase wedding apparel, rent a venue, provide food, beverages and/or snacks, print and send out wedding invitations and more. Hiring a wedding photographer is yet another important expense, as only a professional photographer will be able to capture this once in a lifetime event in picture and film.

There are many factors that will determine how much it costs to hire a wedding photographer. Which wedding photographer a couple chooses to work with will have a large bearing on the price, as some wedding photographers charge a lower fee than others. This is one reason why calling a number of photographers and asking for a price estimate is a good idea. At the same time, making sure the photographer is experienced and professional is always more important than saving a few dollars.

General Price Estimates

A cheap wedding photographer will charge anywhere from several hundred dollars up to one thousand dollars. This package usually includes one to four hours of photos taken by a single photographer, a wedding photo album and a limited number of digital images. In some cases, a cheap photographer may also bring an assistant to the wedding to take shots from a different angle, but this is not always the case.

A moderately priced wedding photographer will charge anywhere from $1,000 up to $3,000 for up to eight hours of photography. A special album, parent’s album and/or a number of photo books may be included in this package. Such a package also includes digital images of all the wedding photos on a CD or DVD.

Upscale photographers and luxury photographers may charge anywhere from $3,000 up to $10,000 for their services. Such a package includes having up to three professional photographers take an unlimited number of photos for an unlimited amount of time. The shots will be taken at different venues and numerous albums and photo books will be provided. Naturally, all shots taken will also be given to the couple in a digital format.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Hiring a Photographer

As was outlined above, the cost of hiring a photographer is determined by which photographer a couple works with and what sort of package deal he or she offers. Following are jLeal that also have a bearing on wedding photography costs. Being aware of these factors can help a couple save money while still getting high quality pictures.

Day of the Week

It usually costs less to hire a photographer on a weekday than it does on a weekend. The reason for this is that most photographers are very busy on the weekends and so charge a higher fee for their services at this time. Weekdays, on the other hand, are often “off hours”.

Time Frame

As was touched on above, the duration of time that a photographer works will determine how much his or her services cost. This time frame starts from the time that a photographer arrives at the scene to set up, not the time when the wedding itself actually starts. A couple who is tight on cash may want to only hire a photographer for part of the wedding and reception.

Prints and Albums

All wedding photographers will charge extra money for making extra prints. The larger these prints are, the more they will cost. However, a couple does not necessarily need to have the wedding photographer make prints or even create a photo album. There are numerous photo shops in any given city that will print out photos at a very cheap price.

If the newlywed husband and wife are creative, they may in fact want to make their own photo album. Remember, however, that your photographer owns the rights to these photos, and making prints without permission is illegal. Discuss your plans with the photographer before you decide to make your own prints, and ask about ownership of the digital negatives as part of the price. All experienced photographers will charge for this, but depending on who you hire it might save you money over paying for prints. You will then be able to make your own prints, and at a later date when your budget is more flexible you can have higher quality prints made. If it is in your budget, you will most likely be happier with the results if the professional photographer you hire makes the prints and produces the album for you.

One important point to remember when hiring a photographer is that a couple will usually get what they pay for. Those who pay for budget photography should not expect extra services that are only available to those who are willing to pay extra. Before hiring a photographer, a couple should consider which services they feel are absolutely essential and make sure the photographer will provide these. At the same time, it is very important for this special day to be properly commemorated and a couple should make sure that the photographer in question will not only provide reasonably priced services but also high quality prints.