Checking The Transmission In A Used Car

The market for pre-owned vehicles continues to heat up as more drivers look for ways to curb their monthly budgets. Even as automakers have introduced new models at competitive prices, prospective buyers have turned their attention to high-quality used cars. To be sure, there are automotive bargains that lay waiting to be discovered. But, some of them may have a struggling transmission under the hood. If you’re unable to identify it, you might unwittingly invest in an attractive lemon.
This article will explain how to make sure the used vehicle you purchase has a stable, reliable transmission. I’ll explain the importance of checking the car’s history and provide a few helpful tips for putting the tranny through its paces.
Investigate The Vehicle’s History
If you have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can access a report that will show the car’s history. There are several items you might see on this report that imply the transmission may have problems down the road. For example, if you notice the previous owner was a rental agency, they might suggest trouble. People are often rough on rentals. You might also see a past traffic collision on the report.
Prospective buyers often neglect to ask the owner whether a car’s transmission has been rebuilt. The problem is that an auto shop can rebuild the entire assembly, but the quality of their work may be questionable.
Checking An Automatic Tranny
After checking the history of the used car, check the tranny’s fluid. Make sure the level is high and the color is either a reddish hue (this suggests the fluid is new) or orange to light brown. If the level is low, there may be a leak somewhere in the system. That will likely require repairs.
You should also check the shifting of the gears; the only way to do this is by taking the vehicle for a test drive. Shift from Park to Drive and back again to note whether there is any delay as the transmission engages the gears. Then, test the other gears to make sure there’s no slipping or jerking. Lastly, test the overdrive by engaging it at 40 mph; the tranny should upshift smoothly.
Last Step: Visit A Mechanic
The final step is to take the automobile to a trusted mechanic. Even after going through the car’s history and testing the shifting of the gears, there might be issues that remain hidden beneath the surface. A mechanic will have the experience and the equipment to identify lurking trouble.
The used vehicle market is filled with ford car parts . It’s not uncommon to find gems that only need a few replacement parts in order to drive like new. Having said that, there are also attractive automobiles that seem healthy on the surface, but hide expensive transmission problems. Use the tips above to make certain the used vehicle you’re buying has a tranny that will last.


Car Parts And Mistakes: Cause And Effect

Your vehicle has a way of letting you know when something is wrong. The most obvious signs are the lights on the dashboard, but billowing smoke from your exhaust pipe, lurching while driving, and engine stalls send a clear signal, too. In a lot of cases, drivers will ignore seemingly benign warning signs, hoping that the problem will simply go away. Unfortunately, that often leads to expensive repair work. Today, we’re going to look at 3 red flags that your vehicle raises in order to make you aware of a potential issue. I’ll also briefly describe what can happen if you ignore them.

#1 – Oil Indicator Light
For some reason, a lot of motorists think their vehicle’s oil indicator light can be ignored. Admittedly, few people enjoy lifting the hood and getting their hands dirty while replenishing the oil. But, it’s critical that you do it. If you ignore the light, and the oil level drops, the parts inside your engine will start to grind against each other. That creates excess friction and heat. Let it go too long and you should start saving money for a new engine.

#2 – Puddle Of Gas
Have you ever noticed a small puddle of gas underneath your car and wondered what had caused it? Your first instinct might be to push it out of your mind, but consider what can happen. First, the gas is probably coming from a leaking fuel line in your vehicle. A fuel leak is obviously a fire hazard, especially while driving. Don’t panic; your car isn’t going to explode into a 65-mph ball of fire on the highway. But, if a fire develops (and it can do so easily because of your engine’s combustion process), your car will sustain major damage. Fix the leak if you see a puddle.

#3 – Puddle Of Coolant
Your vehicle shouldn’t be leaking coolant, either. If you see a small pool of it, it’s likely that there’s a leak in water pump. Now, before you say, “No problem, coolant is cheap. I’ll buy more,” think about what happens to your engine when there’s vauxhall parts : it overheats. If you’ve ever driven past a stranded motorist with billowing white smoke coming from under his hood, you’ll realize that an overheated engine is bad. But, it get worse; the head gasket can blow. If it does, find your credit card. You’ll need it. Of course, you can avoid the problem altogether by fixing the water pump when you discover coolant leaking.
Watch For Signs Of Trouble
You already know that most of the problems that can occur under the hood are avoidable (for awhile, at least). The key is taking action when you notice them. A lot of times, car parts manifest signs that something is wrong (for example, a small pool of gas). When you notice the signs (they’re usually obvious), take your vehicle to a mechanic to have it checked. You can save thousands of dollars over the long haul and preserve the life of your car.
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Are E Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes?

Many people are wondering whether e cigarettes are actually safer than real cigarettes and the answer is a resounding “yes”. The reason why people worry about e cigarettes is because they still contain nicotine. However, nicotine in itself is not actually a harmful substance. Some reports even indicate that it could have benefits for our health. The most important thing, however, is that there are 1,000 times more harmful chemicals in a tobacco cigarette compared to an electronic cigarette. The carcinogens in cigarettes are not found in nicotine, but rather in all the other harmful toxins. More than 4,000 chemicals are created when a cigarette is burned. At least 69 of these are carcinogenic. Some of the chemicals found in a real cigarette include hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and ammonia. The smoke that is exhaled contains at least 43 chemicals that are known to be dangerous not just to those who smoke the cigarette, but also to those who breathe in the exhaled smoke. Most worrying of all is that every cigarette contains 599 additives that have been approved by the FDA. The list of those additives was a secret for a very long time and now that it has been released, a lot of people suddenly decided to stop smoking. None of these additives are found in an electronic cigarette, which contains just eliquid (the nicotine vapor).

Meanwhile, there is a second concern about e smoker kopen, mainly due to the eliquid found in the devices. The e-liquid is based on propylene glycol and people worry about potential allergies. This risk is surely present. However, only very few people do suffer from this – although, those who have eczema have a slightly elevated risk. But even for those with higher risk levels, the risk is incredibly small, being only 2% higher than for others. The signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction to propylene glycol are skin problems, which may be annoying but generally not dangerous. However, if you do suffer from this allergy, it would be advisable for you not to use an ecigarette. In actual fact, you should not smoke at all.

The World Health Organization has conducted numerous tests on e cigarettes, mainly because they are becoming so incredibly popular on a global scale. They concluded in their extensive research that e cigarettes do not carry a risk of heart damage in the way tobacco products do. It is certainly true that there have not yet been any long term studies on the potential health damage of nicotine itself. However, the reality is that real cigarettes contain nicotine in the same way as e cigarettes do. In fact, they contain higher dosages of nicotine. In the question of whether e cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes, the answer is therefore very clear.


Description of the Boards Used in Chess

Recognized by gaming authorities as an attractive sport that must be played in quiet, calm and relaxed settings, chess is a board game that assesses the abilities of players to concentrate and analyze the defensive and offensive positions established by their opponents. Learning the basic rules and strategies in this exciting and challenging sport is necessary to have better chances in the game. However, it is also important that players know the equipment or materials used in playing official chess games like the chess boards.

Identifying a board that is used in this particular game is easy because the appearance of chess boards is the same with the boards used in another board game known as checkers. If we will look closely at the structure of chess boards, they are made up of 64 squares that have different and alternating colors. The light and dark squares in the boards are arranged equally in rows and columns. In many chess boards, the dark squares are usually colored dark green or brown while the light squares are usually buff. Players should always look at the size of the squares in the board since they must only use the chess boards, which square size, will fit or suit the pieces to be used in the game. Having knowledge that the squares in chess boards are arranged in rows and columns, it is important that players know and learn the official terms used by chess players when they refer to the rows and columns in chess boards, find more information on To clearly identify or determine the rows in chess boards, players refer to the squares arranged in rows as ranks while they call the squares in columns as files.

To avoid confusions in the rows and columns in chess boards, players must have an idea that the rows in the boards are labeled with numbers that range from one to eight while the columns are tagged with letters starting from a to h. It is also necessary that arbiters put the chess board in the middle of two opposing players with row number one adjacent to the player who will use the white pieces.

Having a background on how chess boards look like, players will have an easy time dealing or learning the other aspects of the game. Being able to identify the structure of the board will help new players learn and understand chess notations which is usually used by their mentors to teach the basic moves and strategies that can be employed in the game.


Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

During the initial days the tea tree oil used to be the individuality of the Australians as it originated there. It is extracted from the leaves and branches of the Melaleuca tree by the method of steam distillation. But presently this oil has d popularity all over the world because of its antiseptic and curative properties. They are widely used in various lotions, acne and dandruff treatment solutions as well as medicines for skin problems like athlete’s foot, vaginitis, psoriasis etc.
The most important use of tea tree oil is probably for curing the ugly acne marks. It is kind of a skin disease that spoils the skin with blemishes and spots. If you are experiencing the same problem and keen on removing those marks from your face, then soak cotton pieces in tea tree oil and apply it on the affected area. This will gradually abolish the marks and make your skin look exceptionally radiant.  If you are worried about the dandruff or lice that are the reason of excessive hair fall and rough texture of hair, then the tea tree oil can help you out with permanent solution to this. Make a mixture of 10 ml. tea tree oil, 50 ml shampoo and 50 ml vegetable oil. Apply it on the scalp and leave it for at least ten minutes. Then rinse the hair and scalp thoroughly. This will not only eradicate the stubborn dandruff and lice from your life, but also make your hair look shiny and silky. Often the anti fungal property of the tea tree oil is used in healing and cuts. It kills the bacteria effectively ruining the root cause of the acne and boils. Hence this can be used as a preventive measure for these sorts of skin problems and it is already proved that tea tree oil is as strong as the benzoyl peroxide in treating these problems. Its anti fungal property is used in the soaps and shampoos.  But as this is an absolutely pure product derived from natural ingredients, the harmful side effects of the artificial chemicals are absent here.


Buy Forskolin

Several modern studies concluded that forskolin supports weight management and that it promotes weight loss due to its fat burning properties. Actually forskolin is nothing new. It’s not just another chemical compound created in a lab specially to make you buy it. It’s a completely natural ingredient that has been around for ages and has been intensively used in the Ayurvedic and Hindu culture.
We sometimes don’t know everything that nature has in store for us. Constantly trying to save time but ending up wasting it, we became so addictive to technology that we forgot about nature, which used to give us everything we need. When it comes to weight loss, many people start saving money for incredibly expensive treatments and surgeries before even thinking about natural alternatives. Most of them get even more disappointed and frustrated after the procedure is performed.
People who live in cities lost contact with nature as well. If you’re desperately trying to lose weight and you’re already looking for San Francisco surgeons, here’s one of nature’s wonders: forskolin. The plant used to treat various ailments such as skin disorders, glaucoma, asthma or angina. The extract is now the most reliable weight loss aid. It comes in the form of capsules that you need to take in the morning or according to the recommendations.
Forskolin contributes to the metabolism of fatty acids. They are essential for energy production as they are responsible with the metabolic energy for your body to perform all the activities: move, breathe, talk and everything else you need. Their release increases thermogenesis (the generation of heat in the body), which leads to the loss of body fat. The metabolism and hormones are improved in order to work properly to produce energy instead of storing food, while the cravings that lead to uncontrolled eating are stopped.
It may sound almost too good to be true, but this all natural supplement that doesn’t contain any man made chemical can really break down belly fat too. If you just hate that pouch around your waist that you keep trying to hide with unflattering large clothes, forskolin is the solution to melt it away in a safe and healthy way, by stimulating your metabolism without disrupting the natural processes.
Forskolin is a pure natural organic herbal dietary supplement that doesn’t contain any animal-derived the forskolin so it’s suitable even for vegetarians or vegans. You can safely take it on the long-term as well.
Any modern person in the world should take forskolin for weight loss. It’s a reliable method to improve your appearance without investing time or money and risking your health.


Knowing The Celiac Disease Symptons

The symptoms of celiac disease vary depending on the patient’s condition. There are no typical symptoms for CD unlike other diseases. The major factors that determine the type and severity of the disease are mostly the amount of damage done to the intestine and the length of time that there has been an abnormality on the nutrient absorption. Surprisingly, some people with celiac disease have not reported any symptoms at all.

Dr. C. Robert Dahl, MD, stated during the CSA Annual Conference that of 100 patients with CD, a little more than 10 percent present has classical obvious symptoms of mal-absorption such as diarrhea, weight loss, and nutritional deficiencies, around 10 percent are incorrectly and inappropriately diagnosed for a period of time, and in some cases, 40 percent present are manifested in an unusual manner, which leads to long delays in diagnosis. About 33 percent of celiac disease patients are also suffering from silent disease and around 7 percent have latent CD but may develop into an acute celiac disease.

The type of symptoms, the length of presence, and frequency of occurrence vary from person to person. Some of the symptoms felt by the person with celiac disease are cramping or bloating of the abdominals, abdominal distention, acidosis, increased food cravings, collapse of the lumbar vertebrae that would result to back pain, constipation, decreased clotting ability of the blood, diarrhea, dehydration, edema, depletion of electrolytes, loss of energy, feeling of fatigue, pain in the feet due to reduction of fat padding, flatulence, sores and cracks in the corners of the mouth, hands and legs experience muscle cramps, blindness at night, very dry skin, abnormal tool excretion (e.g. loose, abnormal size, foul smell, discoloration, highly rancid), abnormal tongue appearance, defects in the tooth enamel, feeling of weakness, and loss of weight.

The patient’s emotional state is also affected by celiac disease. Just like the physical symptoms, emotional symptoms also vary from person to person. The emotional inconsistencies and frequency of occurrence should be taken into consideration. These are symptoms like feeling of depression, lack of interest in doing normal activities, irritability, frequent mood changes, and inability to concentrate.

There are also other conditions that you should look out for which could result to other diseases and affect other organs due to the celiac disease. These are symptoms like amenorrhea, iron deficiency resulting to anemia, development of bone disease, and hyperthyroidism.

As mentioned, the disease could trigger at any age. So you should also look out for symptoms in children upon diagnosis of celiac disease and take gluten free diet. Again, symptoms could also vary even in children. Some may experience all, some or even none at all. Some of the symptoms in children that you should look out for are slow physiological development (e.g. height or weight loss), growth failure, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal bloating for children under 3 years old. Finally, for older children, there is an attitude of crankiness, difficulty in concentrating, irritability, poor memory, and changes in personality.


Improve your speed on the pitch

When people speak about speed on the football pitch, they rarely mean the players ability to sprint 50 or 60 metres, football is more about the ability to move quickly over shorter distances. Some statistics that become published like ‘world’s fastest footballer’ can be misleading, while this seasons current “fastest” player happens to be Everton FC’s player, Phil Jagielka was clocked at 36 Km per hour. If you consider that Usain bolt reaches his fastest speed between 60 to 80 metre mark in a 100m race, this is almost the same as a player running the length of a football pitch which would happen very rarely in a football match. Find a lot of Soccer Games For Kids on the site. My point here being not to look at players overall top speeds, but the distance it takes to reach it, and how quick they are over 5 to 10 metres. For example, Arsenal’s Chuba Akpom runs a 10m sprint in 1.56 seconds which is a more relevant stat for footballers.

Increasing speed can be broken down into two factors, foot speed and power output. Foot speed relates to how fast your feet are striking the floor and power output relates to how much power you are exerting through those strikes.

Improving foot speed can be done through exercises such as SAQ (ladders, hurdles, and cone) work which require quick foot placement in a range of scenarios, short sprint work and sprint mechanic work and explosive change of direction drills. While improving foot speed will help on improving your speed, it will also help in the speed in which you chang direction and change your body position when changing from a sprint to a position to receive the ball.

The main thing that is needed to improve sprint and acceleration speed is power output. While foot speed is important, it’s been shown that the difference in foot speed is only marginal between quick and slow people but the main difference is power output. Power output in running relates to the amount of force your legs can produce and how quickly they can produce it. Top sprinters have been shown to push 4 times their body weight in single leg strikes during a sprint.

Improving power output can be done through exercises that do not inhibit the speed of leg movement and foot speed but also require the body to produce more power due to stress. Things like short 10m sprint with a weighted vest, sled runs over short distances and bungee or parachute resisted sprints can all help improve your power output as a player.

One final point to consider is power output in regards to body weight, the higher this ratio is, the quicker you will ultimately be, another reason to be lean and no carry any non functional weight.

A good session to work on both aspects might be:

Warm up:

Mini Band work and CNS activation.

1) 15 minute SAQ work. Working on a range of movements from running mechanics, single leg strikes over a hurdle, sharp side to side movements, sharp changes of direction and reaction movements.
2) Sled runs. Use a weighted sled (between 10-20% of your body weight). Concentrate on trying to drive your legs through the ground as fast and powerfully as possible. Work 8 runs over 5m, 6 runs over 10m and 4 runs over 20m. Make sure to have adequate rest (15-30sec between each run, 90sec between each set).

Cool down.


Bosnian Music

The prominent arts of Bosnian music, dance, literature and poetry have been very well developed in the countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There were three major ethnic races that lent and contributed to the development of the arts. Also, the Ottoman and Austrian occupations had left a great legacy of influence on these arts.

Focusing more on the art of the Bosnian music, it especially reflected very strongly the great diversity that existed in Bosnia. Bosnian music can be broadly divided into two two tradition: rural and urban traditions.

The urban tradition is strongly influenced by the musical practices of the Turks. On the other hand, the rural tradition is strongly characterized by musical styles such as ravne pesme which is a flat song that is played only on a limited scale, ganga which is an almost shouted polyphonic style, and some varied types of songs that are generally an accompaniment on the sargija which is essentially a simple long-necked lute, or the diple which is a wooden flute or rather a droneless bagpipe.

The urban tradition of the Bosnian music displays a much more heavy influence of the Turks. This can be observed in all its melismatic singing where more than one note per syllable is played. Also the kind of accompaniment or the saz reflects the Turkish influence.

The ancient tradition of the epic poems is still kept alive in the Bosnian music scene. These epic poems are still sung to the sound of the gusle, which is a fiddle with a single-stringed bow.

The Jewish heritage of Bosnia is reflected in the folksongs that are sung in the Spanish dialect of Ladino that has descended from the fifteenth century. But of course the rich heritage of the Bosnian folk music is soon disappearing due to the strong influence of Western pop music.

Sevdalinka is derived from the Turkish word of sevda which means love. Sevdalinka songs were by far the most widespread among the various forms of music that was predominant in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The sevdalinka songs uniquely incorporated elements of both the West and the East. These songs are also deeply emotional. And they speak through metaphors and symbols, which depicted the emotions of love won and love lost.

In fact these Bosnian songs soon came to symbolize Bosnia to the natives and the foreigners alike, feel free to download songs online.


Home Internet Providers Connection

People connecting via the Internet are so common in these times that businesses, entertainment and social interactions are done online. The Internet has many uses. People can transact, connect and have fun. Due to the convenience Internet brings, people are now opting to connect while at home. There are many home Internet providers to choose from, visit for more information.

Aside from that, one has to decide about the connection that will be used. The following are some the types of connection to choose from.

Dial-up. A dial-up connection uses your home’s phone line and analogue modem. A dial up connection is a bit slow compared to the other connection types as its speed is usually at 56kbps.

Wireless. A wireless connection, more commonly known as Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity is a growing demand for Internet connection even for home Internet providers. With this type of connection, you can go online anywhere in your home as long as you get a signal from the modem.

Cable. A cable connection is faster than the dial-up. Its speed is usually in the range of 4-5mbps. A cable modem that uses your cable TV’s connection will be used.

DSL. DSL or digital subscriber line uses your home’s phone line and provides Internet speed that is similar to a cable connection. However, it is affected by the distance of the telephone service provider to your home. The farther you are, the slower the connection.

Satellite. Another option is the satellite connection that provides high speed Internet connection. However, this can be pricy. A satellite dish is needed to be installed in your home to be able to have this service. Not all home Internet providers, however, have this option.

Choosing among the home Internet providers and types of connection are the basic tasks you have to make to be able to have home Internet access. The benefits of having Internet at home, however, will surely be worth a little headache.