Cheap hair extensions

The option of cheap hair extension was introduced. A number of implications were explained along with the disadvantages that come when buying cheap hair extensions. A number of links was also given to provide useful information on buying cheap extensions and on taking advice online. Important points for the protection of normal hair and were also discussed, including reasonable costs that would qualify for a cheap but good quality hair extension.
Of all the accessories for women in the market, the one that attracts the most interest is that of the hair extensions. There is the usual question that comes to every woman’s mind. Is it really possible to find cheap hair extensions? And the next question follows: Are these extensions of an acceptable level of quality?
The answers are not a few and they vary according to the manufacturer and the type of extensions made. However under these conditions, there are do’s and don’ts on your way to shopping. Human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fibre, are the basic materials for making the extensions. Synthetic extensions cost much less. They have been improved a lot and they almost look like the natural hair but they show a change in their look quite fast. But even in this case, they are the best selection if cost is considered.
So how can one identify a cheap but good quality hair extension? First, talk to your friends, relatives, or anyone who has tried extensions before. Try to find out which brands they have used and where they have bought them. Take a look at the reviews. Read the reviews and take the advice of your hairdresser too. Today there are many places where you can buy cheap hair extensions. It could a local beauty store or an online shop. The best way really is to shop online because you will be able to find high quality hair extensions at the lowest price ever. How is this? Well, the key is buying wholesale hair extensions from the sites like . These wholesale packages usually have factory prices. You could even buy a 5-set Remy human hair extensions at $19 per piece, costing around $95 only for five Remy sets in different shades and style. Imagine, being able to buy the highest quality of human hair extension at this price. Amazing!
Just always bear in mind that when we say buying a cheap hair extension, it does not mean that you should go for a low quality one because your hair might become a disaster. Buying a real cheap hair extension is being able to find the best place or store that offers factory prices or big discounts for quality hair extensions.

Finally, do not forget the old saying: cheap is expensive. Everybody loves a bargain. However, it is important to make a compromise on a minimum quality standard. It is not wise to buy cheap hair extensions that do not even last even for a month. It is a lot of hassle and expensive too. In the end you will have to find and buy a new set. Buying another extension is going to take away any savings made with the first buy of the cheap set. There are, however, hair professionals arguing that taking good care of cheap extensions could make them last long enough. Let’s take a look at a number of care tips you may follow to make extensions last.
You should not wash them so frequently, as the natural texture might be destroyed. You may use a shampoo but try to add a conditioner at the end after washing. Avoid using the hair dryers quite often. At times when the hair dryer is used, try to protect your hair extensions from the heat emitted from the hair dryer. Colouring is possible but you better avoid bleaching. Take the extension away before you sleep; otherwise, it might end up damaged. You may not have any regret for buying a cheap hair extension, in case the right attention and care are provided. There are many online auction websites such eBay, Amazon, or even social network sites where you can get good products at a low cost. It is always a great deal to be able to buy an extension at a low price, but be mindful also of some extensions like those based on the sewing and glue methods that might damage your hair. So you better be careful before buying any cheap hair extension that you come across. Remember, not all bargains are worthwhile. There are some that will just waste your money in the end.


Funny Wedding traditions of different countries


In accordance with one of the old Scottish tradition the bride before the wedding is sling by mud in the literal sense of the word. The girl has shower of spoiled food, garbage and waste, and then for a few hours is tied to a tree. It is believed that if a future wife will take these burdens with dignity, then she will cope with family life without any efforts.


A place of honor among the fans wedding fun traditions from different countries take Chinese! Wedding is, of course, a happy event, but in one of the Chinese provinces girls start preparing for family life a month before the ceremony via sobs. An hour a day she has to cry, while gradually all the members of her female family will joined – first mother, then the grandmother, then sister, and so on.


And now go in search of strange wedding cultures from different countries in Africa! In the Masai tribe fathers bless the marriage of his daughters with the help of spitting in her face. Then she leaves the house without looking back, otherwise, according to legend, she will turn into stone.
Kenya suitors also have hard times – a month after the wedding, they should wear women’s clothing in order to understand how hard women share is.


After exchanging with vows, the German couple are sent to special arrangements log. They take a saw and sawed it in front of all the guests. It is believed that this ritual prepares them for life together, during which they will have to work hard together.


In Poland, the guests are offered to dance with the bride … for money. Contributions are collected by girlfriend, then all funds are transferred to the newlyweds on honeymoon payment.


In Spain, the groom before the wedding gives the bride 13 gold coins as a sign that he is ready to bear responsibility for it, including the material one. Bride returns the coins to prove that she is ready to support her husband. Why 13 coins? This number represents Jesus and his 12 apostles.


Sometimes wedding traditions from around the world simply baffled! In Denmark, for example, there is a wedding tradition to cut in the right groom sock a hole directly during the celebration. What woman is now covet him with a torn toe cap?!
Another great wedding tradition – every time when the bride leaves the room where the wedding party takes place, all the girls can kiss the groom. The same tradition applies to the bride – the groom is absent , any man can come to her and demand a kiss.


In Nigeria, the girl begins to prepare for family life a year before the wedding – she spends 12 months in a separate house, trying to avoid any physical activity. Meanwhile, her family brought her nutritious high-calorie food, she has to gain as much weight as possible to the ceremony. It is thought that skinny girls will not have happiness in marriage.