One thing I love about interior design is the ability to fill the space warm and welcoming ways, but applying this staff special touch that characterizes each. Among these developments which most caught my attention is decorated with photos.

Does this sound familiar?

For most common decorating the house with new colors on the walls , new furniture, new curtains, new lighting, etc, but we just happen to use our precious photographs and home furnishings family.

Looking in magazines and in consultation with experts, we realize that this technique allows us to save money and give it a close finish to our home.

Wall pictures

Unlike what we might think, decorate with photos can be fun and even a very tender detail for our family, as this shows how much we care about them, the raw material are the different images framed with the most beautiful memories of the family album, travel that can be images of your small children, among others.

But decorating the walls do not mean to put the photos on, but seeks to highlight them as a group , one subject at a time, as subjects in a special place in the house, for example in one of the free walls of the room can be placed a collection of family photos on a special outing, if you have children.

If you are newlyweds may choose to place a series of photos of his trip that also contains natural or posed photographs of the couple. How romantic, no?

Topics to be placed in each space are warmer depending on the room. If its the kids room , the ideal is to put pictures of them playing with mom and dad, or a special outing (if small).

If children are great may prefer a series of images of a landscape or of them with their friends, and if they are teenagers , they may be placed landscapes or images that inspire.

Forms and models

Another important element for this is the way they have frames of picture on the wall. They have to take an order, which one? That depends on your taste and space.

There are several options, such as organizing photos of according to size but in a way that maintains the harmony, as in this example that combines horizontal and vertical frames of various sizes.

If you are looking to decorate the wall of your stairs, you can choose to place the frame gradient, as resembling the stands, as well, as up and down the stairs to admire pictures at eye level.

But if you love the photos and have a large area to cover, your choice may be similar to this that practically covers the entire wall . Although personally, I believe that photo can be tiring to the eye and remove the desire to see more, I would put just a few.

Something to keep in mind is that part of the decoration relies heavily on models that use framework. In this picture we see the different models of frames , all black in color and of different widths, see also that there is a straight line dividing the photos into two positions.

The asymmetric shape of the frames you can create a special look for you in any space, be it a bedroom, living room , dining room or a particular space. You decide how and how much to put. What do you think?